MobileNAV 9.0 - New features

Our goal is to make MobileNAV more “modern”. This is a huge work, and we have split this work into multiple phases.

In this phase we target the cards, the app colors and spacing.

From version 9.0 you can define additional Code fields for a lookup relation, so when the user select a lookup record, then not just the configured Code field, but other fields are also “transported” to the card.

From version 9.0 you can simply use boolean flags on a parent to initiate an automatic card refresh whenever you change something on the “children”.

From version 9.0 you can edit one boolean field value directly on the list. The app will show checkboxes for each list item, and the user can simply change its value without opening the card view.

We have extended the Device Management view with the last known version of the MobileNAV app on the device.

From version 9.0 you can select multiple fields and use the “Set Postion” to quickly move all selected fields into a certain position.

From version 9.0, you can set a boolean flag, which can skip the execution of the configured OnClose function in case the record got deleted.

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