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Automated Billing Scheduler

Recurring billing scheduler application for subscriptions on Dynamics 365 Business Central

Just An Extension

ReBilS is an extension making billing easy as 1-2-3 and basically doesn't require Premium licence of BC.
The integration with BC helps you to store all data of your partners in one platform, providing with statistics and reports
Suitable for Subscription, Licensing, Maintenance, Publishing, Rentals, Contractual services.
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Is Your Business Billing Critical?

ReBilS is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that helps generating recurring bills.

For Small and Medium Business

ReBils is mostly suitable for Small and Medium Sized companies offering service or license as subsricption.
Freedom of Choice
Each billing frequency can be identified with a unique code and the length of the period must be identified with a date formula.
BC150 Ready
Availaible and supported by the following Business Central and NAV versions: BC150, BC140, NAV 2018 CU8.
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ReBilS - Recurring Billing Scheduler

ReBilS is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that helps generating recurring bills. It gives the possibility to handle the contracts of your customers and their end-users in your ERP system. The integration with BC helps you to store all the necessary data of your partners in one platform and also gives you the possibility to create statistics and reports by monitoring all the financial movements at one place.

ReBilS is mostly suitable for those Small and Medium Sized companies that operate with the following tasks:


  • Subscription (any Kind)
  • Licensing (e.g. IT Service)
  • Maintenance (e.g. Repairs, Support)
  • Publishing (e.g. Newspapers)
  • Contractual reviews, qualifications (e.g. time-to-time Quality certification)
  • Contractual services (e.g. Cleaning)
  • Rentals (e.g. Subletting Real Estates)
  • General services that requires periodic invoicing


  • Contract registration

Central registry for agreements from which we would like to generate invoices. Contracts should be created when we would like to register an order from that we would like to bill more times in the future. Every contract has a unique identification code which can be set up in the No. Series.


  • Registering end-users

You can connect your contracts to your customers in Business Central but it also gives you the possibility to create end-users in case your customers and end-users are different. Every end-user must be connected to a customer but not every customer needs an end-user. It is also possible to move an end-user to one customer to another.


  • Freely adjustable invoice periods 

Each billing frequency can be identified with a unique code and the length of the period must be identified with a date formula.


  • Price calculation considering the length of the invoicing period 

The length of the period could influence the unit price. According the Date Formula the system counts the sales prices proportionately. You can manually rewrite the calculated prices if it is necessary.


  • Automatically generating of maintenance for perpetual licenses

The item card has been completed with additional fields so you can connect your perpetual licenses with their maintenances. You only need to create item(s) for the maintenance and specify it in the additional field on the license’s item card. The add-on calculates the maintenance value from the price set up for the license or from the unique sales price given by you.


  • Generating invoices individually and massively from contracts  

You can create sales invoices with the ’Create Invoices’ function. You can create orders massively and there is also a possibility to merge different contracts into one invoice if different conditions are met (Customer No., Dates, currency, etc.) and also the combine Invoices checkbox is selected in the contract header.


  • Sending posted invoices automatically to the partners e-mail address 

If you use the Post and Send or Send by E-mail function than the system automatically send the invoice to the e-mail address set up in the Billing Contact No. contact card.


  • Searching for posted invoices by contracts

The system creates a registry of the unposted invoices, posted invoices and posted contract lines. You can filter data for customers, end-users, items and period as well.


  • Reporting expected revenues according to contracts 

The extension has one report that helps you forecasting your revenues of your contracts. You can inquire detailed or cumulated data for a given future period in a desired monthly/weekly/daily view. Net sales income is calculated from the contract lines.


  • Handling invoice recharging

In case of recharging a vendor invoice you need to select the Vendor No. in the contract line. It automatically gives you a suggestion if the Vendor is selected on the item card but it can be changed in any case on the contract lines. After posting the sales invoice the system automatically creates a purchase order and posts it as shipped. When the purchase invoice came in you need to create a new purchase invoice header and get the related receipt lines with the ’Get receipt lines’ function.


  • Adjustable comments for contract lines

Same like for reminders you can set up unique comments that will be visible on the invoice above or below the invoice lines. It can include the following information: Contract number, External Doc No., Your reference, End-user name and No., invoice period start and end. You can create comments in different languages.


ReBilS is availaible and supported for the following Business Central and NAV versions:

  • Business Central 16
  • Business Central 15
  • Business Central 14
  • Business Central 13
  • Dynamics NAV 2018 CU9 or above


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