MobileNAV For Many Applications
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Mobile Solution For Many Business Applications:
Sales, Service, Logistics, Production and more...

For Sales

Our application fully supports on-site online and offline sales and replaces paperworks of field sales
For Project
Nothing can be simpler and more reliable than managing projects with MobileNAV – wherever you are
For Delivery
MobileNAV helps both delivering workers on the road and dispatchers sitting in the office
Mobility on Dynamics 365 BC
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Mobility of ERP

MobileNAV is designed to support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV users working on the field far away from the office.

Auto Online-Offline Mode

The mobile app continues operating seamlessly when your device goes offline or your Internet or WiFi connection gets lost.
Platform Independent
MobileNAV offers native applications on every popular platform, therefore you don’t need to purchase new equipments.
Future Proof
We continuously develop our solution to support the latest technologies and operating systems, and of course the basic ERP system
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Mobile Solution For Many Business Applications

MobileNAV is a very complex application. Due to it has many advantages and even more useful features, we suggest you to dowload the trial app from Microsoft AppSource. But you may prefer to watch our video and read just the excerpt below for the fastest way of learning the essence.

MobileNAV is designed to support Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV users working on the field far away from the office. The application makes the remote works like onsite customer care, troubleshooting or spare delivery easier and more effective for the whole company. And on the other hand it brings wider smile on the face of your customer.

MobileNAV overview

MobileNAV ensures online and offline work for typical out-of-office ERP activities, like sales, service and project management. Furthermore, it guarantees real-time tracking of your business, for example, in warehouse and production-related workflows. You can build up your own mobile application without the need of any mobile development knowledge. Each field and functionality is configurable inside NAV, so you can adopt custom modules and even specialized vertical solutions. Simply said, MobileNAV is a new user-interface for Dynamics NAV, optimized for smartphones and tablets. You can access your real-time data and functionality similarly to desktop clients. Offline capability allows to continue your work even without active network connection. MobileNAV offers native apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile/CE platforms, so the look-and-feel is far superior to browser-based or cross-platform solutions.

MobileNAV utilizes the business logic of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV, but provides with freedom of mobility. How can a mobile application make a robust corporate ERP better? It’s very simple, we always put the latest technologies and features in.

Warehouse employee typing on laptop while using MobileNAV solution
"We have been very impressed with the services and product provided by MultiSoft and would definetitely recommend to all organisations with need similar to ours."
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Tom Stevens

MobileNAV - Public Roadmap

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