MDSync- Master Data Synchronization

MDSync overview

Master Data Synchronization (MDSync) is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on that ensures real-time data synchronization of specified tables among multiple companies within the same database. 

The solution can make your life easier if:

  •  you have more than one companies assigned to your Business Central tenant, and
  • those companies have common data.
MDSync stays for Master Data Synchronization. But what does it mean?
Using Master Data Synchronization, you can make connections between different fields of your Business Central database. These connections will be responsible for validating your data every time you make changes. Primary-secondary architecture among your synchronization model will ensure that you can accurately tell which company will be able to make changes, and how data will be synchronized between your companies.
You can also exclude your companies/tables/fields from your synchronization model. Thus MDSync also prevents you from losing information during the synchronization process
MDSync Synchronization group (Master-slave architecture)


  • Synchronization groups
  • Primary – secondary architecture
  • Selecting data for synchronization
  • Data Sync. Validation
  • Export/Import synchronization model
Master Data Synchronization logo (White and blue)


The add-on is available for every Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium versions.

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