AIP - Automated Invoice Processor

Automated Invoice processor (AIP) is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central add-on, that  automates the processing of incoming invoices with the help of artificial intelligence.

The solution determines how the invoices will be booked and prepares them for accounting.

Reduce manual processing with AIP!

The module recognizes invoices loaded by different data sources, so you only need to check the data before accounting.

AIP Capabilites

Various data sources can be used to retrieve incoming invoices by our AIP connectors. The standardized data from the request are the primary conditions for the operation of the Automated Invoice Processor. Using these connectors, the module can import vendor invoices into Business Central, which is a prerequisite for subsequently processing data.

The system periodically downloads received invoices and prepares them for accounting. In addition, it continuously feeds the information from the invoices already posted into the learning database, ensuring that the recognition becomes increasingly “smarter”.

The system can categorize incoming invoices using AI based on previously entered data. The user can also customize the accepted probability thresholds for the categories.

The system is flexible and tailored to user needs. The client can create custom rules and customize the background processes.

During development, we have ensured that the module is straightforward and transparent. The system classifies the processed invoices into color-coded categories (Open, Verified, Verified with a warning) for easy reference. Invoices that need checking are grouped and viewed in one place.


  • For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users (from BC170)
  • A certain connector for a third-party dataflow is needed to ensure invoice data for the module to work with

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