MultiSoft Partnership

Thanks to our Innovative Solutions business unit, we can follow the ever-changing technological trends and develop innovative solutions ourselves.

Based on our experience in implementing software solutions at more than 500 companies, MultiSoft Ltd. has developed a special solution package suitable for most industries. These packages contain special needs and workflows that are specific to the individual industry, simplifying the day-to-day tasks of professionals.
With our industry-specific modules, corporate workflows can be customized to individual needs in both ERP and CRM document management systems as well as in other fields (MobileNAV, WMS MobileNAVServotion, and so on).

Licences sold by partners in 2019
5890 pcs
New partner contracts in 2019
15 pcs worldwide
New solutions & extensions in 2019
3 pcs (ReBilS, MDSync, BC Hungarian localization)
New developers in 2019
12 persons

Becoming MultiSoft Partner

Serve your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users with professional extensions yourself. Just add MultiSoft’s solutions to your portfolio and provide excellent tools for sales, finance, service, warehouse and other out-of-office activities.

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