WMS MobileNAV - Keep Your Warehouse Under Control
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Keep Your Warehouse Under Control.

Effective workflow

The application fully supports the warehousing workflow, which allows your warehouse employees to perform their tasks on mobile devices quickly and effectively.
Online and Offline operation
The features are available offline when there is no wireless or mobile band connection. Auto Backup provides real-time inventory information.
Fully customizable
The applications have many pre-configured modules, but if you have any specifices need we can easily customized for you.
Unique barcode reading function
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Unique barcode reading function

Thanks to the state-of-the-art barcode reading registration, the mistakes will be totally disappear..

Replacing paperwork

You can administering your warehouse Put-aways and Warehouse Pick processes. and store warehouse-related information.
Services in several languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Hungarian
Work becomes faster and easier and improves successful of field employees
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Proof driven warehouse workflow solution - WMS MobileNAV

WMS MobileNAV is a professional application which developed for  Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and NAV users, especially, to manage and support warehouse management processes. 

By appying it becomes possible for your warehouse employees to work more efficient and productively, owing to the automation, for the up-to-date information and the practical built in features

Pre-configured modules for Warehousing with WMS MobileNAV

In addition to these basic functions many other warehouse services is also available. Our application is customizable so only your imagination can limit your individual needs.

Customer testimonial

With MobileNAV, Wilo managed to improve reaction time. We can serve more customers in less time and information is more neatly presented and quicker to retrieve. It is important that all my colleagues with the relevant rights should be able to see how a task is proceeding, which is an incredible advantage when a technician is on holiday or substituted.
If I want to describe the advantages that MobileNAV offer in a word, I would say: efficiency.
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Erika Prunk
Manager of the Service Profit Center

Wilo Hungary Ltd.

For more information

More information is available on wms.mobilenav.com. If you have any questions left, please get in touch with us.​