Hungarian Localization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The latest Dynamics 365 Business Central has arrived and with it MultiSoft published the Hungarian Localization to it.

Choose your localization from the most experienced Microsoft Dynamics partner in Hungary.

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Hungarian localization for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users.

Standard Hungarian Localization package:

Meets all Hungarian legal requirements, and embrace such features which are basic expectations when it comes to selecting the right, modernistic ERP system. 

Main features

The date when VAT must appear on VAT statement can be different from Posting or Document date.


  • Setup of VAT Return periods
  • Posting Sales, Purchase and Service transactions with VAT Date
  • Preparing VAT Statement
  • Calculating and posting VAT
  • Reconciling VAT and GL Entries
  • Setup VAT Report boxes
  • Export VAT Statement in XML

In case of invoices to be reported based on the legal requirement, an xml message, describing the invoice, is prepared immediately and stored permanently in the Online Invoice Entry table.

  • Automatically sends xml messages to the Tax Administration’s server
  • It retrieves the status of the invoices in case the result of the content control not yet received from the Tax Administration with the same periodicity
  • The invoices rejected based on content or technical related issues are listed
  • Invoice resending function
  • Create missing online invoice entries function
  • A default bank account can be selected for each currency
  • Bank account average exchange rate valuation
  • Electronic bank SEPA credit transfer
  • Payment method dependent rounding rules
  • Settle receivables and payables amounts for a contact (the same company registered as customer and vendor in the system) using legal procedure called compensation
  • Customer and Vendor balance reconciliation
  • Display VAT amount in LCY on purchase documents
  • Use customized address format for your Country/Region code
  • Book advance payment invoices
  • Advance payment is able to be added to a sales order
  • Advance payment balance populated on Customer Card
  • Correct Advance payments
  • Related documents are stored in the system and are able to be printed anytime
  • Create Advance Payment Letter

Support correct Intrastat reporting from the system.


  • Intrastat data control when posting Purchase, Sales and Transfer documents
  • Transfer of Intrastat information from Item card to Intrastat journal
  • Report INTRASTAT data in supplementary units of measure
  • Calculate Amount and Statistic value in INTRASTAT journal
  • Exclude sales/purchase goods transactions marked with EU-3 Party Trade flag from Intrastat
  • Correcting mistaken transactions and “Get entries” batch job

Intrastat transaction information in Sales, Purchase and Transfer Logical designs

  • Packaging materials recording for items to declare package tax to the authorities
  • Inventory counting document
  • Print non-posted and posted documents that fit the legal requirements for inventory operations such as: write down, reclassification and revaluation
  • Track changes of fixed asset (FA) location or responsible employee
  • FA Extended Posting Group facilitates to book various disposal type fixed assets movements to the proper G/L accounts according to the Hungarian accounting rules
  • FA Physical Inventory List report to reconcile the physical state of Fixed Assets and book value in order to prepare financial statements
  • Various reports to support fixed asset management

Further features

  • Data export for tax authority review
  • VAT analytics report 
  • Electronic VAT return data exchange
  • VAT date handling
  • Show VAT amount on purchase documents in HUF
  • Group VAT ID handling
  •  Community VAT ID handling
  • Document layout complying with the HU law
  • Online invoice functionality
  • European Community sales and purchase declaration
  • View related names in ledger entries
  • Avarage valuation method of bank accounts
  • Local banking feature
  • Bank account selection on sales documents
  • Document date order check
  • Cash invoice rounding
  • View reconciliation data on payment journal
  • Default depreciation percentage
  • Posting of fixed asset disposal
  • Fixed assets reporting
  • Advance invoice functionality
  • Intrastat statement
  • Advanced setup of item journal template
  • Packaging material handling
  • Inventory operations documents
  • Exchange rates adjustment feature extension
  • Document date and VAT date check
  • Restriction of posted document deletion
  • Detailed document posting into G/L
  • Modification of manufacturing G/L posting
  • Original vat date on the supplier document
  • VAT management of constant service

Advanced Hungarian Localization package:

Includes the whole Standard functionality and further nice-to-have features like:

Main features

Electronic Trade and Transport Control System (Elektronikus Kereskedelmi és Áruforgalom Ellenőrző Rendszer) is to be launched, in which trade activities, transportation and movement of goods have to be registered in cases and in the manner stipulated by the law in the course of trade activities (hereinafter referred to as: operation).


  • Communication between the Electronic Trade and Transport Control System and Business central
  • Create Trade Statements automatically from sales or purchase orders
  • Delivery Plan option for each Trade Statement to clearly indicate the route by which each item is to be transported
  • If trade statement sending was successful, the EKAER number will appear automatically in Business Central

The feature provides users to follow up Petty Cash incomes and payments and to automatically create the related journal lines.


  • Open several petty cash e.g. for different currencies
  • prepare receipt and payment documents
  • printing several copies of the documents
  • recorded documents are transferred to the ledger journal as filed items and are ready to be posted
  • replace the classic cash journal

The function ensures that the system updates currency exchange rates automatically.

  • Increase the accuracy of exchange rates
  • Update more currencies automatically without manual work

e-Invoice function based on Számlaközpont service.

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Hungarian Extension Pack - Roadmap

With every new major release we plan to include more and more features – mostly in the advanced package.

Under development: 

  • Non-deductible VAT 
  • Audit Data Export (Data export based on Chamber of Hungarian Auditors guide.)

More to come! 


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