MobileNAV 9.0 release recap

 3 November, 03:00 PM CET

Learn more about the latest MobileNAV release from MultiSoft Innovative Solutions

We have reached another milestone in the development - MobileNAV 9.0 is available

Most of 9.0 improvements are based on customer and partner feedback. We want to show you what exactly has changed, so as usual, we will organize a recap session to show you all the changes that came with MobileNAV 9.0.


Join the in-depth webinar, and learn about the new features!

What’s new in MobileNAV?

  • UI redesign (part 2)
    Our goal is to make MobileNAV more “modern”. This is a huge work, and we have split this work into multiple phases.

    In this phase we target the cards, the app colors and spacing.

  • Additional Code Fields

    From version 9.0 you can define additional Code fields for a lookup relation, so when the user select a lookup record, then not just the configured Code field, but other fields are also “transported” to the card.


  • Auto Refresh On… 
    From version 9.0 you can simply use boolean flags on a parent to initiate an automatic card refresh whenever you change something on the “children”.

  • Quick Boolean edit 

    From version 9.0 you can edit one boolean field value directly on the list. The app will show checkboxes for each list item, and the user can simply change its value without opening the card view.


  • Client app version information on Device management

    We have extended the Device Management view with the last known version of the MobileNAV app on the device.


  • Set Field position 

    From version 9.0 you can select multiple fields and use the “Set Postion” to quickly move all selected fields into a certain position.


  • Skip OnClose on record deletion

    From version 9.0, you can set a boolean flag, which can skip the execution of the configured OnClose function in case the record got deleted.

  • Log file size 
  • RegEx parse patterns 

Your presenters will be:

Tibor Major

Tibor Major

Business Unit Directior

Nagy Bertalan_1250x1250

Bertalan Nagy

Partner Manager

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