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MobileNAV 10.0 release seminar

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04 October, 03:00 PM CET

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MobileNAV 10.0 is available...

MobileNAV 10.0 is the latest version of this innovative mobile solution, packed with exciting features and enhancements.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in MobileNAV

What’s new in MobileNAV?
UI redesign (part 3): complete UX redesign

During this phase of the UI redesign, we collaborated with an external UX/UI team to pinpoint possibilities to change the classic appearance to a more modern design.
  • New colors 
  • New icons 
  • New Main Menu look 
  • New List look 
  • New Card look 
  • New Titlebar 
  • New Toolbar 
  • Support of SVG icons
  • “Modern design” switch

Unread record count


From version 10.0 you can configure a certain list to show the “unread” record count in the main menu directly.



PIN login



Starting with version 10.0, you have the option to set a PIN for MobileNAV login configurations. This allows you to prevent users from saving their passwords alongside the login configuration for security reasons.






From version 10.0 you can lock MobileNAV, if you want to secure your MobileNAV session.


Auto login, barcode emulation, supported language management, and much more…

Your presenters will be:

Tibor Major

Tibor Major

Business Unit Directior

Nagy Bertalan_1250x1250

Bertalan Nagy

Partner Manager

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