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Initial setup and installation, first login tutorial videos

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01 - Introduction and prerequisites

01 - Introduction and prerequisites

Get started with MobileNAV installation by understanding the prerequisites.

02 - Azure Microsoft Entra ID overview

User configuration in Microsoft Entra ID

03 - Azure Microsoft Entra ID users

Watch a step-by-step guide on managing users in Microsoft Entra ID.

04 - Business Central import users from Microsoft 365

Discover how to import users from Microsoft 365 into Business Central.

05 - MobileNAV extension installation

Discover the simplicity of installing the MobileNAV extension for Business Central online.

06 - Wizard initial configuration

Navigate through the MobileNAV Setup Wizard

07 - Wizard user setup

During the MobileNAV Setup Wizard, the last step involves creating a new user login.

08 - O365 setup

Explore the essential steps for O365 setup.

09 - Login to MobileNAV apps

Discover how easy it is to set up and access MobileNAV on your Windows device with this step-by-step guide!