Strengthen client relationships with AUTOMATED INVOICE PROCESSOR

With our AI-based financial solution, the Automated Invoice Processor (AIP), your customers can easily automate the posting of their incoming invoices within the Business Central system.

Utilizing AIP can prevent errors in their administration while enjoying significant time savings.

What can you offer with Automated Invoice Processor!

Those financial experts who have struggled with the manual processing of incoming invoices know how time-consuming this process is.

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less administrative burden of booking incoming invoices with AIP.

Why customers love AIP?

Preventing burn-out

Getting ahead of competition

Avoiding errors

Reducing expenses

AIP is a Business Central exclusive add-on that has two pillars:

AIP connectors

AIP connectors ensure that all the incoming invoices are pulled into the Business Central database as standardized data, so the main add-on can easily process them.

AIP add-on

AIP add-on is the brain of the solution. It uses machine learning to predict the adequate general ledger accounts, accounts payable, etc., for every incoming invoice line based on previously posted invoices. It can also fill out the information in the invoice header so that the user can eliminate every error caused by manual administration.

How does AIP work?

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The incoming invoice management plugin for Business Central can determine how the invoices will be booked and prepare them for accounting.

1. Train machine learning

The invoice lines are analysed by the machine learning built into the module based on the previously booked invoices – using them as a learning database.

2. Receive invoices

Business Central receives invoices for processing from a data source with unified format.

3. Prepare posting invoices

The addon – based on the learning database – determines how the input invoices are posted. The identified invoices can be immediately posted by the user.

4. Enhance learning database

The manually posted invoices and invoice lines will be added to the learning database, so that similar invoices can be recognized next time.

Why become a partner?

Offering AIP to your clients is a win-win for your clients and for you too. It’s a great way to show that you really care about your customers’ needs by keeping up with AI-based developments. 

A simple way to build strong customer engagement

Passive profit-making opportunity, without any effort

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